Dear Sir or Madame,

During the next two decades, huge investments in knowledge creation and the entrance into the workplace of thousands of new young scientists, especially in the world’s most populous countries, will accelerate technological advances and lead to monumental new scientific discoveries. Europe and the rest of the world will take gigantic steps forward in the development of production processes and products. The result will be a substantial increase in the gross domestic products of many countries. The nations of the world will realign under a new order of economic growth.

If the Republic of Serbia doesn’t aggressively adapt to these changes, it will suffer increasing economic hardship and continually slide backward in its global competitive positioning.

At present, the reaction of Serbia to this trend is disturbingly inadequate.  New structures, tasks and ways of acting are imperative. One of the most important actions that is needed is to systematically gather, guide, encourage and support young people and knowledge-oriented academic citizens in Serbia and prepare them for the new challenges that the world will be imposing.

The Knowledge Committee of Serbia is an institution that seeks to create a new, modern, innovative society in Serbia. It seeks to create a society that will be proactively prepared to confront the changes and take maximum advantage of them. It seeks to develop a society that is capable of being an active and contributing partner of the European and international society of knowledge and culture.

Belgrade, 10 October 2010 at 10 a.m.