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Modern technology – the way to better local communities- With a click in action

he project "I have a problem" aims to motivate the youth to take advantage of modern technologies and social networks in order to create active groups of citizens whose ideas and actions would solve some of the pertinent problems in cities where they live in.

In order to bolster youth activism we have established an Internet platform. There one can find the map of Belgrade where the end user has the possibility to mark a specific problem in the city with an appropriate icon. The uploaded problems on the map are easily put into categories (for example "green areas", "transport", "communal problems" etc.) by just clicking on the specific filter, which gives the end-user the possibility to select the problems belonging to particular category. Different categories are also colour coded, which gives a simple and accurate visual perception of the map. If the end user is interested in particular district in the city, by simply clicking on the filter in question he can get the list of all reported problems in the area.

For every reported problem there is detailed information about the status of action, suggestions how to solve the problem in question and the end user can register to volunteer to take part in organized action. You can get a comprehensive overview of the platform I have a problem on official web presentation of the project. www.imamproblem.rs (www.facebook.com/imamproblem.rs).

The project is supported by Balkan fund for local initiatives .



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