Main Objectives

The role of knowledge and lifelong learning as a primary 21st Century driving force must be recognized. It is time to create new types of modern institutions. New educational forms and methods must predominate in these institutions. Vital encouragement must be given and the intellectual potential of the young must be maximized. They must be effectively supported so that that they can become the future creators of Serbia’s society of knowledge.

Our main objectives include:

- The selection, encouragement and provision of assistance to outstanding young academics in the most important areas of science, technology and art, so that they may improve and preserve their talent, knowledge and skills, and continually develop world-class specialization in their future areas of interest.

- The encouragement and provision of assistance in the area of the preparation, publishing and presentation of scientific works and research, as well as the artistic creations of KCS members and specialists so that Serbian achievements may be disseminated to the Serbian, European and international scientific public.

- The application of the knowledge and skills of KCS members towards social and economic problem-solving by obtaining funding from national, European and international funds, as well as other investment institutions for scientific works and public projects that meet the needs of Serbian, European and international communities.

- Cooperation with similar international institutions including the exchange of experiences, ideas, methods and forms and the organization of mutual visitations.

- The development of a ‘’Road Map’’ focused on educational sector reform. Primary areas of attention include promoting: easier access to knowledge; fundamental improvement of the educational system; the transformation of research; the development of innovative structures, and the complete utilization of knowledge to generate better and cheaper products and services. The Road Map’’ will provide guidelines for a knowledge revolution and an increase in quality and excellence that will allow Serbia to maximize the future use of its most important resource – the human resource.

- The integration of Serbian science and culture in European and international scientific and cultural trends.