Obligations of Access and Supreme members are:

•    to continuously invest their efforts in accomplishing the mission and main objectives of the KCS.

•    to promote the ideas and projects of the KCS, and seek its development and expansion.

•    to comply with the KCS Statutes and other decisions of KCS governing bodies while performing their activities.

•    to invest their efforts, knowledge and wisdom towards creating expert and scientific projects; graduate, master, post-graduate and doctoral papers, and all other activities intended for self-education and specialization.

•    to reply to all KCS invitations for participation in projects, professional and scientific meetings, conferences, business and consulting activities, participation in the creation of cooperative expert and scientific papers, monographs and books, as well as other tasks set by the KCS.

•    to improve their knowledge, education and skills, and inform KCS accordingly, as well as to inform the KCS of their professional, scientific and other results, through the internal information system.

•    to conduct their work graciously and humanly, in accordance with the traditions and heritage of the country they represent; guided by a team spirit, but also providing leadership, a desire to triumph, creativity and innovation, enthusiasm and diligence, persistence and consistency, a free information flow and exchange of ideas, and a willingness to adopt new technologies and invest in the future.