Youth Activism in Serbia - reality and perspectives
27. 05. 2011.

Knowledge committee of Serbia and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation supported the conference "Youth Activism in Serbia - reality and prospects" held 26.05. in the Conference Hall of Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The conference was organized by a group of four young activists, Academy students, "Young leaders of Serbia 2011" at the National Democratic Institute (NDI).

In the presence of more than 150 young activists of political parties and NGOs from all over the Serbia, about topic youth activism discussed representatives of government and state bodies, and prominent youth activists. The speakers were Slobodan Milosavljevic, former Minister of Trade and Services, current adviser to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Milan Labudović, head of department for cooperation with young people at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Srdjan Milivojevic, MP, Jovana Mehandžić, a member of the Belgrade City Council and Božana Vukadinović, president and divine of youth LSV.

The conference also touched on the role and status of youth in Serbia, the importance of youth activism, and speakers are listed some examples of good practice by providing guidance to young people how to improve their activism. In the lively discussion that followed the opening statement, the young people showed great interest in the topic. Some of the most commonly asked questions were how to find employment upon completion of the study, prospects for their professional work, sources of funding for youth projects, opportunities for greater involvement of young people in making important decisions for the company. Young activists have initiated a debate on the possibilities of funding talented young people, as well as funds that invest in science and education.

Vukasin Grozdanović, president of the Organization of Young Roof Serbia responded to questions of young people. Speakers urged the youth to create opportunities and take an active stance in social and political environment. Youth Voices is transferred and Vladimir Kokanovic, ogranizacionog member team, which is present already quoted a sentence from a legendary American political life: "If not us, who? If not now, when?".